Hannibal – Season 2 Episode 13 – Mizumono – Finale – Review

This episode was directed by David Slade.

Synopsis: This episode begins with Jack telling Will that Hannibal has requested his company for dinner. Jack states that he will be wearing a wire.

Hannibal visits Jack’s wife Bella’s (Gina Torres) bedside. She asks him to save Jack for her when she is gone.

Freddie Lounds discusses her resurrection with Will; however, this may be short lived as Hannibal’s keen sense of smell may be a foil in her plan. Meanwhile, Dr Alana Bloom unmasks the truth about Hannibal.

Kade Prurnell, an investigator for the Office of the Inspector General (Cynthia Nixon) places Jack onto forced compassionate leave as she feels his plan to snare Hannibal is entrapment. However, will this put a stop to his plans?

This episode begins high in tempo as the season draws to its climactic conclusion. With Jack’s invitation to dine with Hannibal, we are now full circle; this point in the narrative was conveyed at the beginning of the season.

We also finally see Hannibal revealing his true murderous self, which is a mere sample of what is yet to come. As previously mentioned, the show is now reaching territory depicted in the Hannibal movie series and books.

This episode is not without twists, and some past faces make an appearance here. Ultimately, this is a very good episode and this has perfectly prepared the viewer for season 3 of the show. From the way this has been built up, season 3 will be the true unmasking of Hannibal. He is not hiding in the shadows anymore.

By Robert Spence


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