Fargo – Season 1 Episode 6 – Buridan’s Ass – Review

This episode was directed by Colin Bucksey.

Synopsis: The episode begins with members of Fargo’s Crime Syndicate having dinner. They mention the murder of Sam Hess, and reiterate that Mr Numbers and Mr Wrench are dealing with finding the killer. The leader states that he does not just want the culprit apprehended but dead.

With the continuation of the Milos blackmail still underway, Malvo gets Chumph (Glenn Howerton) to read a note over the phone to Milos. He gives Milos instructions on where to meet up with the money. After this happens, Malvo knocks Chumph out and ties him up. He also tapes an unloaded shotgun to his hands.

As Molly drives, the radio predicts stormy conditions are upon the town. She continues to work with Gus in order to get to the bottom of what happened the night Lester’s wife was killed. Gus tells her that his neighbour saw Malvo in his street, and has a plate number for the car he was driving.

Lester is still in hospital, and is recovering from his hand injury. However, there is a police officer waiting outside for him. As a result, he makes a daring escape plan involving another patient.

My initial thoughts of this episode are that this has some nice twists and turns. Malvo’s blackmail plan is in full swing but is not without complications. I also noticed some parallels with the original Fargo movie. For instance the Milos blackmail plotline in general.

Some characters meet a bitter end this episode, and in quite a gruesome way. Therefore, be prepared for some blood and plenty of gun firing.

By Robert Spence


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