Hannibal – Season 2 Episode 12 – Tome-wan – Review

Beware of some spoilers

This episode was directed by Michael Rymer

Synopsis: The episode begins with Will and Hannibal discussing Mason Verger. Will states that Mason is a pig and deserves to be someone’s bacon.

Due to the revelation last episode that Will and Jack are working together and that Freddie Lounds is actually still alive, Jack states to Will that he wants more information about what is happening. Will says that he has a plan, and that it involves Mason Verger.

Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier, Lecter’s psychotherapist, (played by Gillian Anderson) makes an appearance this episode. Will tries to coax more information from her regarding Hannibal in order to finally catch him.

We also see a scarred Margot fresh from the aftermath of last episode when Mason destroyed her baby and foiled her plans of creating an heir to the Verger fortune.

Just like last week’s episode beginning to cover common ground from Red Dragon, this also happens here with the revelation of how Mason’s face becomes deformed. This was shown in the movie Hannibal and if you are squeamish I would advise you to look away.

Despite the show never being free from the grotesque, this episode takes this to a whole new level and I found it hard to watch at certain moments. This is a testament to the make-up artists here because Mason’s face is completely transformed.

Will and Hannibal’s complex relationship begins to evolve, as we are shown just how much of an influence Will can have on Hannibal.

Due to this being the penultimate episode of the season, momentum continues to rise in time for the finale next week. This episode is not one to miss.

By Robert Spence


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