Fargo – Season 1 Episode 5 – The Six Ungraspables – Review

This episode was directed by Colin Bucksey.

Synopsis: This episode begins as a flashback when Lester is buying some socks. At the suggestion of the store assistant, he purchases a rifle too. We also see that this was the very gun Malvo uses to kill police officer Thurman in the opening episode. The fragment of shotgun pellet from this lethal shot gets lodged into Lester’s hand which causes the infection that has plagued him from the beginning.

Back to the present day, the story continues it left off previously; Lester is sharing a prison cell with Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench. After much pressing, Lester gives them Lorne Malvo’s name as the killer of Hess from the opening episode. They then make bail.

Molly says she has information from the night Pearl Nygaard (Lester’s wife) died and she has a name and picture of the suspect. After piecing together the possible sequence of events from that night, Bill Oswalt finally listens to her and states she could be onto something.

Police officer Gus Grimly continues to try and prove Malvo’s guilt. Meanwhile, Malvo purchases a police scanner to monitor police activity.

I liked how this episode began because it deviated from the standard way the show has been opening from the start. With the flashback into how Lester purchased the rifle as well as how the foreign object got lodged in his hand, we instantly understand why he did not want to go to a hospital. Had this have happened, his involvement would have been apparent.

In this episode, we also see the appearance of Thurman’s new baby; this being when Molly visits Ida Thurman (played by Julie Ann Emery) in the hospital. This proves quite a poignant moment, and further enhances our understanding of why Molly is so emotionally attached to finding Thurman’s killer.

This was another enjoyable episode, and the dark humour continues to enrich the story which is reminiscent of the original movie. Billy Bob Thornton’s character Malvo gets very funny dialogue, and this proved amusing in this episode.

By Robert Spence


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