Hannibal – Season 2 Episode 11 – Ko No Mono – Review

This episode was directed by David Slade.

Synopsis: This episode begins with Hannibal and Will dining together. Will discusses his euphoria at killing Freddie Lounds, and that the way his mind works is changing.

A charred corpse is found which matches the dental records of Freddie. As Will among others look at the corpse, he states that fire fuels, and is mythical. He states that fire destroys and creates.

Dr. Alana Bloom’s concern about Will’s frame of mind has reached new heights as she thinks he may have killed journalist Freddie. She is also having concerns about if she really knows Hannibal at all.

We also find out that Margo is pregnant with Will’s child as her main goal is to create an heir to her family fortune. However, her brother Mason has other plans in mind when he finds out her motives.

There are some allusions to the source material Hannibal was taken from here. For instance, the scene where Freddie Lounds is set alight and put in a wheelchair echoes a similar scene in Red Dragon (2002). In this movie, Lounds was portrayed by Philip Seymour Hoffman who suffered the same fate.

We are also shown more of an insight into Mason Verger, and see just how disturbed he is. He has some sessions with Hannibal this episode which shows his true nature.

There is also some surprises in this episode which paves way nicely for the next episode.

By Robert Spence


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