Fargo – Season 1 Episode 4 – Eating the Blame – Review

This episode was directed by Randall Einhorn.

Synopsis: This episode begins as a flashback to Minnesota in 1987 where a young Stavros Milos (Carlos Diaz) is driving with his family. It is quickly established that they have no money, and suddenly their car stops due to them running out of gas. Out in the snow Milos prays to God for help when he sees something hidden in the snow. Upon inspection he finds a briefcase filled with money. We then fast forward to the present day where we see Oliver Platt playing the modern day Milos.

En route to an incident, Gus spots Malvo and seizes his chance. As he let Malvo away in a previous episode, he arrests him and takes him to the station. However, Malvo has something up his sleeve which complicates things for Gus.

Meanwhile, Lester’s hand is giving him further pain. He is then kidnapped by Mr Numbers and Mr Wrench as they have some special plans for him.

Overall, I enjoyed the latest instalment of the show. This episode seems to pay homage to some of the elements that were in the Fargo movie. Firstly, the briefcase of money Milos finds appears to be the same money Carl Showalter (Steve Buscemi) hid previously. This wraps up this urban myth about the money nicely, and explains how Milos began to build his wealth.

I also see similarities with Mr Numbers, Mr Wrench, Carl Showalter and Gaear Grimsud (played by Peter Stormare in the movie). They seem much of the same characters with some differences. There is also a scene where they try and murder someone after making a hole in the ice, which draws parallels with the original movie.

However, original movie aside, this episode continues the story nicely. We see the relationship progression of Molly and Gus, as well as Malvo going a step further to avoid being caught.

By Robert Spence


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