Fargo – Season 1 Episode 3 – A Muddy Road – Review

This episode was directed by Randall Einhorn.

Episode Synopsis: The episode begins with Lorne Malvo entering an office and dragging an accountant into the parking lot. He puts him into the trunk half naked. We quickly establish that this is the man that escaped in episode 1. We identify that after he eludes Malvo, he freezes to death. This quickly gets the attention of Molly who has been investigating this. As a result. She sees camera footage of Malvo’s face.

Malvo locates the blackmailer from last episode and identifies him as the fitness instructor. In order to further provoke Stavros, Malvo says he is taking over the blackmail.

Gus confesses that he let Malvo away. As a result, he informs Molly in person and has dinner with her and his daughter Greta. It also surfaces that it was Lester’s car Malvo took, but strangely had not reported it.

Lester returns to work, and is told to visit Gina Hess in order to arrange the insurance payment. This results in some interesting circumstances. Donna also visits Lester at work and purposely drops the picture of Malvo to see what his reaction will be. Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench also make an appearance.

This episode further displays Malvo’s continuing influence on the events occurring, and displays how dangerous he can be. With Donna now having a picture of his face, however, it should only be a matter of time before he is in her grips.

In this episode, the viewer is allowed more of an insight into Donna. I really warmed to her this week in a way I had not with previous episodes. I liked her interaction with Gus, and I am curious as to how this will pan out.

The show is now beginning to gain some momentum as a result of Donna getting closer to finding out what really happened.

By Robert Spence


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