The Following – Season 2 Episode 15 – Finale – Forgiven – Review


Episode Synopsis: The episode begins just before the ending of last episode. There was a gun shot at the conclusion, and the outcome was unknown until this week. It is revealed that Joe shoots and kills Kingston Tanner’s son Preston.

The twins now have Claire in their possession with Emma dead, and they give Ryan an ultimatum – bring Joe to them alive in exchange for Claire. Ryan tells Joe about this, and Joe agrees to participate. This results in Ryan sneaking Joe out of the church posing as a wounded civilian.

As Ryan drives Joe to the rendezvous point, the car is suddenly attacked by one of Joe’s followers. The car is overturned and an injured Joe escapes from the car. Joe shoots his follower and pulls Ryan from the car, thus continuing their journey to get Claire.

Now working as a team, Joe and Ryan arrive at the house and enter. In the house they will face the ultimate test for survival and we will learn some things we never knew before about Ryan.

This episode begins with a very quick tempo, and this effectively propels the story. By adding this ticking clock (by the twins giving Ryan the ultimatum), an element of danger is instantly added to the proceedings. There is not many moments for rest throughout this episode, so be prepared for some non-stop action.

It was really refreshing to see Joe and Ryan working as a team, and instilling an element of trust in each other. Throughout the show they are constant enemies; therefore, it is good to see them working towards the same cause – to save Claire.

Like the finale of the first season, there is some twists and turns in this episode. There is also one of the tensest moments of the show when Ryan goes back to his apartment (with the ending of last season still fresh in mind). The viewer is constantly questioning whether something else will happen. I won’t spoil that for you.

Ultimately, this episode is all about redemption. We learn more about Ryan’s past which explains why he is the way he is, and we also witness Joe seek forgiveness for what he has done to Claire and his son.

The writing is great in this episode, and there is some very witty dialogue – the twins and Joe get the majority of the funny lines.

I thoroughly recommend this episode as a nice way to close the season, and with undoubted scope for a lot to happen next season.


By Robert Spence


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