Fargo – Season 1 Episode 2 – The Rooster Prince – Review

This episode is directed by Adam Bernstein and written by Noah Hawley.

Episode Synopsis: After the murder of some of the town’s residents, suspicion is mounting against Lester from police officer Molly Solverson (Allison Tolman). She is determined to find the truth and thinks Lester knows more than he is letting on. However, new police chief Bill Olson (Bob Odenkirk) has a difference of opinion.

Due to the murder of Hess, members of the Fargo Crime Syndicate, Mr. Numbers (Adam Goldberg) and Mr. Wrench (Russell Harvard) arrive looking for his killer.

We also gain insight into police officer Gus Grimly’s (Colin Hanks) life. Gus let Malvo away last episode despite knowing there was something not right about him.

In this episode, Malvo is hired to find out who is blackmailing Stavros Milos (Oliver Platt), the “Supermarket King” of Minnesota.

This episode seems to focus less on Lester, and more on other characters within the town. Within this one episode, there is a lot going on, and an array of characters introduced – some never seen before. Despite the fact this is the case, it never does seem rushed and is very much a slow burner.

The strain of suspicion is beginning to affect Lester, and I am very intrigued to see how this season will pan out for him. There are some nervy scenes where Molly is asking Lester questions about what happened, and the tension can really be felt.

The introduction of Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench introduces some more dark humour to the show, and they do not seem like they are going anywhere fast.

I am a fan of Adam Goldberg and Bob Odenkirk, and they seem like they are in everything these days. This is obviously a testament to the acting talent they display.

Fargo has been quite impressive so far, and I recommend watching this.

By Robert Spence


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