Hannibal – Season 2 Episode 9 Shiizakana – Review

This episode was directed by Michael Rymer.

Episode Synopsis: After the savage murder of a truck driver, Will Graham investigates what happened as he continues his therapy with Hannibal. The episode begins with Will having a dream about killing Hannibal. We are then introduced to Jack Crawford and Hannibal having dinner. Hannibal tells Crawford that he can no longer discuss details of Will and his therapy sessions.

Due to the animalistic nature of the truck driver murder, the team think that this could be someone using an animal to kill the victims, and the team begin to look at this further.

As the episode progresses, Will is approached by Margot Verger (Katharine Isabelle), one of Hannibal’s other patients. She asks him about his therapy, as Hannibal has provided her with some controversial advice regarding killing. We also find out that the murderer this episode has some unique history with Hannibal.

This is the best episode I have seen this season, and I was entertained all the way through. Will and Hannibal’s complex relationship continues, and the conclusion of this season is in sight. Randal Tier (Mark O’Brien) is impressive as the main serial killer Will is hunting this episode, and Mads Mikkelsen/Hugh Dancy are also impressive as always.

One criticism I do have, however, is the use of Will’s unique gift to solve murders. There are times where I find this a little frustrating, as this could seem as a cop out. For instance, when Will views a murder scene, and as a result can tell exactly what happened. In this episode, Tier is using a type of suit to kill his victims in this animalistic nature. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest this at the crime scene other than Will having a feeling. I felt this was a bit of a cop out.

However, having said this, the show is consistently good and I highly recommend this episode.

By Robert Spence


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