The Following – Season 2 – Episode 14 – Silence – Review

Episode Synopsis: As the episode begins, Ryan, his niece Max (Jessica Stroup) and Mike are being interviewed about what happened to Lilly. They cover up the real truth of what happened despite the fact it was Mike who murdered her.

Meanwhile, Claire has used journalist Carrie to read out a poem on air to let Joe know she is still alive. Claire then takes it upon herself to seek out Joe in a place only he will know. As this is happening, Joe arranges for Emma (Valorie Curry) and an accomplice to see if Claire is in the location he thinks she is. He discusses that it would be good leverage to have his ex-wife in his possession.

As the episode progresses, Joe breaks into a church and holds everybody hostage. He has kidnapped Kingston Tanner and his son Preston, and is streaming this encounter live on the internet to make a statement. He reveals to Kingston the video of his son stabbing a woman with the hope of showing that his God is not real. Little does Joe know that Ryan and Mike have tracked Tanner down, and they are in the church watching the events unfold.

This episode focuses on the notion of what happens after we die. Although previous episodes have focused on similar themes like religion, this goes one step further. There is a scene where Emma talks about what happens after death. When asked what she thinks death is, she answers, “silence. No more talking, running, fighting or killing. It all just stops, and there is only silence.” Joe also touches on this when he makes his proclamations about God not existing. They are clearly saying that they know there is nothing for them after death, but finally the opportunity to be at peace.

As previously discussed, this season has focused very much on religion, and Joe using this as a platform to carry out his killings. There is some twists in this episode like usual, and this has nicely prepared us for the remainder of the season.

By Robert Spence


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