Derek – Series 2 – Episode 1 – Review

Derek (2012) written/directed by Ricky Gervais. This is a bittersweet comedy drama told in a mockumentary style like Gervais’ The Office (2001). The show stars Ricky Gervais, Kerry Godliman, David Earl and Karl Pilkington.

Synopsis: Derek is a good natured caretaker of a nursing home, and this tells the story of him, his co-workers and residents within the home.

Episode Synopsis: The opening scene features Derek spotting a massive spider in the men’s toilets. He is scared to death; however, doesn’t want to kill it. This immediately shows Derek’s caring nature. This also paves way for our first glimpse of Dougle, (Karl Pilkington) the nursing home janitor who is faced with the task of removing the spider.

Due to the emotional conclusion of series 1 when Derek was reunited with his father, he has now joined the nursing home as a resident. We witness Derek helping him settle in, and realise he has some alcohol as well as womanizing issues.

As the episode progresses, we learn that Hannah (Kerry Godliman) and Tom (Brett Goldstein) are trying for a baby. We are also introduced to a new resident, Geoff (Colin Hoult). Dougie does not like Geoff, and there are some interesting clashes between the two.

After enjoying the first series, I had been looking forward to this one. This episode has all of the sentimentality of the first series, and there are a few occasions that provoke sadness. One such occasion is when Derek makes a list of things he wants. Here, Derek’s kind nature is reinforced with the revelation that the majority of things on the list benefit other people.

I like Derek because you can go from sadness to laughter in a matter of seconds. I love how these emotions are constantly mixed, and how they work really well for the show.

My favourite character is Dougie because he pretty much is Karl Pilkington with the exception of the wig Karl wears. However, with certain occurrences in this episode he may not feature much for the remainder of the series.

I recommend watching Derek.

By Robert Spence


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