The Following – Season 2 Episode 13 – The Reaping – Review

This episode was directed by Joshua Butler, and starring Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy and Shawn Ashmore.

Episode Synopsis: Joe has captured Kingston Tanner’s son Preston (Carter Jenkins), and forces him to make some hard decisions. However, unbeknownst to him Ryan has infiltrated Joe’s camp and hides among his followers.

The episode begins with Ryan infiltrating Joe’s camp, and disguising himself as one of Joe’s cult followers. As Joe parades Preston in front of all the followers, Ryan shoots at Joe causing everybody to flee. After finally catching Ryan, the pair face off once again.

As this is happening, the FBI are still hunting for Joe and Lilly Gray. Despite protests from twins Luke and Mark (Sam Underwood), Lilly is adamant she wants to find Joe.

As all of this is happening, Claire Matthews suggests luring Joe out live on television which results in some interesting circumstances.

As always, Joe and Ryan’s encounters make the best television. As they are constantly hunting/eluding each other, it always makes for good entertainment when they do meet up. During this encounter, we learn more about their similarities, and how they “need each other.” I find Ryan and Joe’s scenes the most interesting because Joe genuinely does like Ryan, and sees him as the closest person to him; like a “friend” as he states. They also have great onscreen chemistry, and really bounce off of each other. What also interests me is that Joe cannot find it in himself to be able to physically harm Ryan in any way – thus showing that they ultimately do need each other. Ryan knows nothing more than to hunt Joe and vice versa.

There is a continuation of the religious theme from last episode, as Joe has made it a priority to parade Preston publically. He clearly wants to send Tanner a message.

Like every episode, this was entertaining and definitely worth a watch. Multiple stories are effortlessly interweaved with each other in this episode resulting in some very interesting viewing.

By Robert Spence


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