The Death of the Video Store

When I was younger, the video store was where my passion for films started. I have fond memories of going in to check the new releases, or to see what films were on sale that day. I spent a lot of my childhood hanging around the different isles of the store while my mum was shopping, and this nostalgia has stuck with me into my adulthood. Little did I know at the time that the way we watch movies or television would change drastically in only a few short years.

With the dramatic jump in technology, there are many more possibilities which simply would not have been possible before. With any decent broadband provider, one is able to access any information they need at the touch of a button and with speed. We are able to download, play games, but ultimately stream content. This is a large jump from the days of dialup.

Now, if I want to browse for a movie or television show I will go online and check the Netflix library. I will also spend an unhealthy amount of time on imdb going from one actor to director, and director to writer, and writer to film, until the early hours of the morning. The face of how we receive our content has now completely changed, and companies like Blockbuster are now seriously downsizing. Over the past couple of years, I have seen a significant reduction in the amount of these stores as they struggle to make ends meet due to the powerful source of the internet.

Streaming content seems a new fad for some people, but will only go from strength to strength. Companies like Netflix are now making their own television shows, and streaming them directly online. Not only that, but they are receiving critical and commercial success. Take House of Cards (2013) for instance. Oscar winning actor Kevin Spacey plays the show’s protagonist, and this has done really well at award ceremonies like The Golden Globes. These types of companies are making great content, and releasing these on their subscription based websites. This means for a small monthly fee, we are able to watch this quality content for a very affordable price. I last recall renting a new release from the local video store for around the price I would spend on my monthly subscription for one of these streaming sites. I also do not have to pay for late fees or have the inconvenience of having to return these.

Ultimately, the birth of online streaming for competitive prices has done the consumer a lot of good. Yes, we will miss the nostalgia of renting a movie for the night, and collecting a pizza on the way home from the video store. However, here are the days where you can find or rent a great movie online and order in. This is a great time for the consumer.


By Robert Spence


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