The Following – Season 2 Episode 12 – Betrayal – Review

The Following (2013) created by Kevin Williamson, starring Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy and Shawn Ashmore.To firstly give a run-down of the basic premise of the show, Joe Carroll (Purefoy) is a charismatic serial killer who has a large network of followers willing to do anything for him. Ryan Hardy (Bacon) is the FBI agent who is obsessed with catching him.

Episode Synopsis: Ryan comes to terms with the fact Claire Matthews is still alive. Meanwhile, Joe gets Carrie to broadcast another message to the world. This episode is directed by Marcos Siega, and written by

The episode starts with an emotional Ryan talking to Claire (played by Natalie Zea, Ryan’s love interest and Joe’s ex-wife) after just finding out the news of her survival. Ryan and the viewer thought she had died at the beginning of last season after being stabbed by one of Joe’s followers. Ryan is clearly in shock at this revelation. Claire states her reasons for going into witness protection (due to her wanting to secure the safety of her and her son). Mike Weston (Ashmore) a fellow cop and friend who knew about this all along but kept it from Ryan for his and her safety.

After Mandy’s (played by Tiffany Boone) escape from Joe and his followers in the previous episode, she meets up with Lilly Gray (played by Connie Nielsen) thinking she will be safe. Lilly is another serial killer who helped Joe towards the beginning of this season. Joe escaped from her because of differing ideologies. As Lilly and Joe are on bad terms, she is desperate to know the whereabouts of him. She will not accept no as an answer from Mandy who knows exactly where Joe is.

Joe also gets his followers to reach out to Carrie Cooke (played by Sprague Grayden) who is a journalist currently romantically involved with Ryan. They threaten her to broadcast an important message to the world from him.

I will not give away what happens next, but this was one of the better episodes I have seen.

I must start off by saying that this is one of the best shows on television. Every episode is tense, gripping and filled with twists and turns. Kevin Williamson has crafted a high concept show that has managed to deliver every week since its initial airing last year.

Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy effectively play the story’s protagonist/antagonists. Purefoy projects this charming persona onto Joe which makes him likeable despite the fact he is a serial killer. It makes you understand why he has such a big network of followers. Ryan Hardy is equally as likeable, and Bacon plays the obsessed cop well. Both actors have a lot of chemistry despite the fact they never have much screen time together.

Religion is a prevalent theme in this episode, and Joe is now discussing this topic quite often.  He discusses religion only being good for power and heavily critiques it due to his atheistic nature. He mentions false prophets who have used their faiths for ulterior motives like a certain pastor in this episode, Kingston Tanner (played by Tom Cavanagh). It is alluded that Tanner may be Joe’s next target.

This episode has got me really excited for the next installment, and I highly recommend this show to anyone.


By Robert Spence


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