Film Roles That Could Have Been

I spend a lot of time on imdb, and love to look at the trivia sections in particular for hours on end. When I read about actors who turned down certain roles, it makes me picture what they would actually have been like in that role. I have found some mock-ups based on actors who turned down famous roles.


Our first is Will Smith, who famously passed on the role of Neo in The Matrix (1999). Would Will Smith have played a better Neo than Keanu Reeves?


What about Leonardo DiCaprio’s famous turning down of American Psycho (2000) which eventually went to Christian Bale?


Or even Sylvester Stallone as The Terminator? Here is a mock-up from Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991).



I find it extremely interesting just how different a character could be based on there being a different actor playing them. Maybe some roles are really meant for certain actors.

All images have been taken from and



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